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  • Southern Louisiana

    • Andrew Owen
    • <greggshorthand cxe gmail punkto com>


  • Oklahoma City Area

    • Central Oklahoma Esperanto
    • <northdude7 cxe yahoo punkto com>
    • Website
  • Rogers County

    • Tyler Jones
    • <tyler.jones74503 cxe gmail punkto com>


  • Austin

  • El Paso

    • Juan Villarreal
    • <jcvillarreal2 cxe gmail punkto com>
  • Fort Worth - Dallas - Sherman

    • Esperanto-Klubo de Norda Teksaso
    • <f3meyer cxe gmail punkto com>
    • 1817 W College
      Sherman, TX 75092
    • Website
  • Houston

    • Esperanto-Rondo de Hjustono
    • <mailto:alexmikish cxe gmx punkto net>
    • Kimberley Moore
    • For north Houston (including Conroe, The Woodlands, Magnolia, etc.)
    • <mailto:Kim.L.Tay01 cxe gmail punkto com>
  • San Antonio Bexar County

    • Bexar County Esperanto
    • <drux434242 cxe gmail punkto com>
    • (210)819-0606
  • Teague - Freestone County

    • Freestone County Esperato
    • We will be adding a website and more infor in the coming months.
    • <texasmac485 cxe gmail punkto com>
  • Waco - Temple

    • Esperanto-Klubo de Centra Teksaso
    • <weezle63 cxe gmail punkto com>

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