Learn Esperanto

Web-based learning (free)

Zoom classes (low-cost or free)

  • London Esperanto Club (multiple levels)
  • Duolingo classes (multiple levels)
  • Ekparolu! (for those who have finished an introductory course): It is not a lesson but a series of ten free 1-to-1 conversations for 30 min with an experienced Esperantist (called “geonklo” and you as a student are a “genevo”). Note that it’s not for complete beginners so there is a language test you have to do when you register in order to check your level.

In-person courses

  • NASK (summer course in the U.S.)
  • Postal course in the US: fill out this form to receive your first lesson.


Check eventaservo.com for continuously updated listings of courses and other events.


Sources include Amazon, Librejo, and the E-USA store.

YouTube Channels and films

Podcasts (intermediate to advanced)

Telegram groups

Discord Servers