Board minutes from December 21st, 2019


  • Filipo Dorcas
  • Murray Merner
  • Fred Meyer
  • Brian Harmon
  • Charlotte Burton
  • Paige Miles

Ne ĉeestas:

  • Tim
  • Nikvo Woods
  • Ben Speakmon
  • Hanso Becklin
  • Bill Harris

The president calls the meeting to order. The president calls for changes to the agenda. Add to agenda under new business: end of year campaigns, replacement treasurer. January meeting will be the second Saturday of January 2020. Murray proposes that we accept the minutes of the last meeting. Paige seconds. Unanimously approved.

Treasurer Report

The treasurer explains some changes that took place since the last report, as part of end of year balancing and corrections. End of 4th quarter earnings may take longer than a month to sort out. The treasurer explains that we will look into moving some money from the checking account into savings to earn interest and explains how we will approach the income from the HE Reed Fund.

President’s Report

The president is working to find replacement Regional Coordinators for some areas, and Bill Harris has been asked to contact local groups in those regions. Action Item: The president intends to contact potential leaders for the Educational Video Fund and the Schulz Fund. Action Item: The President and Vice President will discuss the task of selecting a replacement treasurer.

Other reports

Membership Committee reports they are working to determine the distribution of members. The exact count of our members may be slightly off, but this is being addressed. Action Item: Fred will contact the Membership Committee to meet via email before the end of the year. Action Item: Filipo contact Chloe Everhart to be the official chairperson for the publicity committee. Paige is planning a 2 day refresher course by Katalin Kovats and Sylvain Lelarge for in advance of Montreal. Action Item: Charlotte contact Jordon regarding purchase of tickets for VEK participants. Campaign Esperanto in the USA is holding steady but still lacks several thousand dollars from our goal. ESF has agreed to renew the campaign for 2020. ESF prefers that the money go to projects, but we need to discuss whether the initial donations before matching may be for the General Fund. Action Item: Filipo request an answer from ESF on that. Discussion needs to be had later regarding UK stipends out of the proceeds from the Esperanto in the USA drive.

Old Business

Fred proposes a change in the bylaws to adopt Robert’s Rules of Order, with an option to change these procedures by a ⅔ vote of the board. Murray requests that the wording change from “governed” to “guided” by Robert’s Rules in order to provide some latitude. Fred accepts this change to the proposal. Fred proposes the change, and Charlotte seconds. Unanimously approved. This will be on the ballot for 2020 Landa Kongreso.

Proposal by Lee Miller to provide funding for Alex Miller to video Duncan Charter’s lectures on the History of Esperanto at NASK. Funding is requested from the Educational Video Fund in the amount of $1600. This fund currently has more than enough money to support this. This would provide Alex’s NASK fees and an honorarium for his services. Charlotte proposes that we accept Lee Miller’s proposal. Paige seconds. Unanimously approved.

Request by Thomas Alexander for funding for a regional event in the Southwest Region. The board enters executive session. Leaving executive session, Charlotte proposes that we deny Thomas Alexander’s request and petition a request from the local group themselves. Paige seconds. Unanimously approved. Action Item: Fred will contact Thomas Alexander and the local group about this vote.

Adjourn at 1:00 CST. Next meeting January 11, 2010

Charlotte Burton