Esperanto-USA’s National Talent Bank

What is the Talent Bank? The Esperanto-USA National Talent Bank (voluntularo) is a list of individuals willing to volunteer time and possibly specific skills when needed. It is also a place to list open positions within the Esperanto-USA organization, including committees which are open to additional members.

Who can volunteer? Volunteers should be members of Esperanto-USA. No specific skills are required to volunteer, only a willingness to help. Esperanto proficiency is not required of all volunteers. So what are you waiting for? Lend a helping hand today!

How do I volunteer? Send a brief message to the Board with your name, your preferred means of contact (email, phone, Skype, etc.), a list of any specific skills, any preferred type of work, level of Esperanto, and a rough idea of your availability (X hours per week). If you don’t have a specific position or task in mind, we may contacted you when there’s an opening that matches your listed availability, skills, and/or preferences.

What type of skills should I list? If you think it might be useful, go ahead and list it! Here are some examples: graphic design, image editing, bookkeeping, typing (or retyping), proofreading, translation, … again, these are just a few examples. By far, the most important thing you can give is time!

Purpose of the Talent Bank: To facilitate and encourage participation through volunteerism within Esperanto-USA and the Esperanto community, driven by the idea that active participants are more likely to remain active. Volunteers will also have the opportunity to use and improve their Esperanto skills, make new friends and contacts, and strengthen the Esperanto community in the US.

Open positions: The following is a list of currently open officer or committee member positions. If you would like to be considered for a position or if you would like to list an open position, please contact us.

  • Graphic designer
    Design logos and other graphic elements for print and web use.
    Contact: webmaster@esperanto-usa.org
  • Standing Congress Team
    Committee members will participate in every meeting of the Local Congress Committee to help with the planning.
    Contact: board@esperanto-usa.org
  • Diversity Team
    Committee members will meet monthly about how to encourage and support greater diversity in Esperanto Land in the USA.
    Contact: board@esperanto-usa.org
  • Financial Support Team
    Committee members will meet monthly about how to encourage the members of Esperanto-USA to donate and otherwise financially support Esperanto-USA.
    Contact: board@esperanto-usa.org
  • Membership Team
    Committee members will meet monthly about how to encourage Esperanto speakers in the USA to become members of Esperanto-USA.
    Contact: board@esperanto-usa.org
  • Project Team
    Committee members will find projects and ideas in or about Esperanto in the USA which deserve support. The committee will meet monthly about whether Esperanto-USA should support the projects and how.
    Contact: board@esperanto-usa.org
  • Advertising Team
    Committee members will meet every two months about how to better advertise about Esperanto in the USA.
    Contact: board@esperanto-usa.org
  • Thompson Fund Chair
    The Thompson Fund supports youth in attending Esperanto events.
    Contact: board@esperanto-usa.org