Bounty Hunting

Boba Fett hunts for scan errors, too.

Proofreading is hard work, and as a non-profit organization republishing books for free, we can’t afford to pay a fair wage for this valuable work. Still, we’d like to show some appreciation to volunteers for a job well done — and in doing so, hopefully make the work more fun.

So, for some of the books passing through the rounds we’re offering a bounty of one stelo for each perfectly proofread page. “Perfect” means that all the proofing and formatting rules have been followed, and no scanning errors remain. (Errors present in the original images, however, must be left in place.) In addition, we’ll award an additional stelo bounty for each printing error that you flag.

While steloj are now an extinct currency with no official monetary value, you can exchange these particular steloj with the editor at a rate of 1 stelo to one US dollar.

How to win bounties

Bounties can be won in either the P1 or P2 round. They’re determined by the editor in stage P3, when the book is re-read once more to check for any errors that might have slipped through both P1 and P2.

If the text of a page does not match its corresponding image (that is, if a scan error was missed, or the text was misformatted), then no bounty is awarded. If the text requires no changes, however, the bounty goes to the last person to make a needed change. The additional bounties for printing errors go to the first proofers to flag them with a note (at the end of the respective line — again, see the rules!).

So here’s the decision tree the editor follows in P3, after carefully re-reading each page:

  • Does the text seem error-free and correctly formatted?
    • No, the page still needs work:
      • No bounty awarded. ☹︎
    • Yes, everything is perfect:
      • Were all needed changes made in P1?
        • Yes:
          • the P1 proofer gets a bounty! ☺︎
        • No, changes were still needed in P2:
          • the P2 proofer gets a bounty! ☺︎

For those who read the above carefully: yes, this means the P1 proofer gets a bounty even if no changes were needed! Also, we’re awarding the two types of bounties separately: you don’t have to find the printing errors in a page to get a bounty for correcting the scan errors and formatting it correctly. Likewise, if you find printing errors as well, you receive two bounties, or more.


(Lasta ĝisdatigo je la 21-a de Septembro, 2021)

Uzantnomo Premio  
TeaOwl 277 steloj
Margo 161 steloj
EricEsperanto 112 steloj
Orfisxeto 81 steloj
ejs 43 steloj
karlpov 37 steloj
cdj2981 24 steloj
GregK 22 steloj
cvh806 21 steloj
Rwelean 6 steloj
jadedctrl 4 steloj
jxena-legantino 2 steloj
elliott 2 steloj
AlejandroBEo 2 steloj
niko422 1 stelo

See also: an overview of the proofreading process, tips for newbies, and proofreading rules.