Phoenix Books

Phoenix Books is Esperanto-USA’s project to republish classic Esperanto literature.

Our main focus is the Baza legolisto of William Auld, a list of over sixty classic works of prose and poetry that collectively make up the literary canon. Despite their central importance for Esperanto speakers, however, roughly half of these works are no longer in print. Our goal is to make new, high-quality editions available as free ebooks and low cost, print-on-demand paper books.

In addition to entries from the Baza legolisto, the project will occasionally republish other out-of-print works in or related to Esperanto, both in Esperanto and English.

Titles republished so far

  • Peter Jameson’s Secret Language
    Not Esperanto literature, but an English-language children’s story that makes extensive use of Esperanto. Written by Sylvan Zaft, it was originally published in 1996.

Upcoming titles

  • Viktimoj by Julio Baghy
  • Sur sanga tero by Julio Baghy
  • Idoj de Orfeo by H. J. Bulthuis
  • Mr. Tot aĉetas mil okulojn by Jean Forge
  • Pilgrimo by Julio Baghy
  • Preter la vivo by Julio Baghy
  • Verdkata testamento by Raymond Schwartz