The American Good Film Festival

Update (May 8th)

Esperanto-USA is hosting a short film festival with cash prizes for its 1st-10th place winners. The deadline is May 1st, 2021. There is no entry fee and you don’t have to join any organizations in order to enter! The film can be in any genre; it simply must be entirely in Esperanto with at least 10 spoken Esperanto words and it must include a cup of coffee.


  • First place – $300
  • Second place – $200
  • Third place – $150
  • Fourth through tenth place – $50 each



  • Pronouncing Esperanto
    A guide from David K. Jordan. How to pronounce Esperanto without even knowing any Esperanto!
  • Actor Interview
    A video in which Alex Miller interviews two actors after they make a short film in Esperanto.
  • Rakontoj de Liĉjo, vol. 1, vol. 2
    Some Esperanto short stories you can adapt to films, thanks to Lee Miller.
  • Dandi Blend
    An example film made by one of our judges.
  • Dandi Blend Script
    The script for the example short film Dandi Blend.
  • Formula Phrases
    Sample phrases in Esperanto from the textbook by David Richardson.