The American Good Film Festival

Esperanto-USA periodically hosts a film festival with cash prizes for the best submissions. There is no entry fee, and you don’t have to join Esperanto-USA to enter.


Esperanto-USA’s fifth film festival is happening now! All genres are welcome. Your film simply has to be less than five minutes long and entirely in Esperanto, with at least ten unique spoken words and a visible lantern featured as the required prop. The American Good Film Festival is the most successful film competition in the history of constructed languages. Become a part of cinematic history by creating a film in this easy-to-learn second language and you’ll be eligible to win up to $1400. The deadline is 11:59 PM on Aug. 25, 2023.


  • First place – $1200
  • Second place – $800
  • Third place – $600
  • Fourth through tenth place – $200 each
  • Audience Choice Award – $200



Results of past festivals

Our YouTube Channel

Also check out the Esperanto-USA YouTube Channel, where you can find all of our past festival films, videos from our congresses, and more!