Results of our third film festival, May 2022


In the first half of 2022, Esperanto-USA hosted its third short film festival with cash prizes for the 1st–10th place winners. Films were accepted in any genre, but they had to be entirely in Esperanto, less than five minutes long, and feature at least ten spoken Esperanto words. In addition, a clock or watch was required to appear, at least briefly, in each film.


  • Alena Adler
  • Brandon Sowers
  • Jane Shevtsov
  • Katalin Kovats
  • Tanja Orme


  • First place – $600
  • Second place – $400
  • Third place – $300
  • Fourth through tenth place – $100 each
  • Audience Choice Award – $100




Special thanks to the generous donors for this year’s film festivals: Abraham Palmer, Brandon Sowers, Chris Johnson, Chuck Mays, Derek Roff, Gary Grady, and Tim Gee.


27 new Esperanto short films were created for this contest and sent in from countries all over the world. Here are the winners: