Board minutes from February 8th, 2020


Filipo Dorcas

Charlotte Burton

Murray Merner

Paige Feldman

Brajeno Harmon

Timothy Boronczyk

Fred Meyer

Ĉeestas sen Voĉdonrajtoj

Jordon Kalilich

Bill Harris

Call to Order: 1:00 p.m. EST

Esperanto-USA mission statement was read.

Quorum was declared.

In January there was no quorum, so December’s minutes were not approved. Paige moves that we accept December and January minutes. Fred seconds. Unanimously approved.

CO Report

Bill Harris reports on the Central Office. The sales tax forms have been updated for our new location. UEA had a brief issue with their email service, but that has been fixed and the needed emails have been sent. AEnd of Year reports are being put together.

Treasurer’s Report

January spreadsheet was sent (link spreadsheet here). We have some differences from this year to last year that will cause us to be short $1000, which will require some minor adjustments. However, our investments were good last year and we under budgeted for this year, which should help balance that and keep us positive. For the last 12 years, we have been regularly pulling money from the General Fund to pay for the Central Office expenses. This year for the first time, we’ve gone the other direction and sent money in instead. (That is, moving money from our checking account back into investments.) Membership numbers continue to be lower than what we would prefer and that affects our revenue. Libroservo inventory is something we need to look at, but this is more labor-intensive. Accounts Receivable needs to be reviewed, to reflect more updated information.

President’s Report

The president requests support in preparing the agenda and following up on action items recorded in the meeting minutes, in order to make the discussion more democratic. Murray reports that it is customary for the president to create the agenda and that asking for input makes it more democratic. Phil agrees he will continue making the agenda and requests that each board member check the minutes for action items assigned to them.

Membership Committee

Action Item: Review who is on the membership committee and publicity committee and request meeting minutes and an action plan from each. The assignment of this action item will be decided later.

Publicity Committee

Jordon provided a written report on the Google Ad Grant. We need to do more e.g., help local groups advertise, news releases and brochures, etc.


The LK 2020 is in Montreal as a part of the UK. The Dua Bulteno has just been sent out. Discussion occurs of how to better support the LKK there. No decision on a LK memento for the swag bag. The board is contacting potential local groups to host LK 2021.


Charlotte reports on USEJ activity including the recent Vintra Esperanto Klerigado (VEK) event, which resulted in some helpful notes (link notes here). Things that need to happen for USEJ to function well include: deciding on a method of funding (and tracking funding for (Syble Harlow. Hoss and Paige may be able to help. USEJ and its projects and events, acquiring edit access and ownership of the USEJ website (, creating a landing page for USEJ within the E-USA website. Bill suggests creating an account called USEJ Donations and an account called USEJ Expenses and giving the USEJ treasurer access to that information. ACTION ITEM: USEJ President and Treasurer, E-USA Treasurer, and CO collaborate on creating a method for tracking USEJ funding.

Local Groups

Fred reports that the regional coordinators had a meeting attended by 6 people on January 16. They discussed the Marikopa Southwest event, survey tools and compositions of the regions, and proposals for changes to the regions. Murray confirms. Phil and Fred discuss how to confirm the accuracy of our local group listings on the website.

As the temporary regional coordinator for some regions, Bill is getting requests to contact interesatoj in those regions, and he does not have enough time to do all of that. We need to find other temporary regional coordinators to take over these tasks and contact new members in these regions.

Old Business

“Esperanto in the USA” Kampanjo

Charlotte organised the campaign last year but expresses that she may not be the best to organise it this year. ACTION ITEM: Each Board Member should contribute 1-5 ideas on what the campaign needs. The full board is an ex oficio member of the Esperanto in the USA campaign committee, unless someone chooses to volunteer to chair it.

Standard Procedures for requesting stipends and projects

Fred has suggested a procedure for the board to vote on things via email, and Ellen Eddy has contributed her form for stipend requests to NASK. We need a standard form and procedures which we may provide via our website for use by members who wish to request funding for projects. Tim motions that we accept for this purpose the Grant Request Form previously offered by Murray (outlined in January 11 Minutes, New Business, Section A). Paige seconds. Unanimously in favour. ACTION ITEM: Murray will send the form to Hoss, so he can post it on the website for member access.

Specific Process for UK Stipend Request

In the past, this process has been handled by the Goldman Fund. This needs to be done soon, due to time constraints on costs. This will be more complicated, as we may choose to offer stipends for the loĝado kaj ne la kotizo. Charlotte suggests we use the same process as previously, from the Goldman Fund, paying up to the full cost of the kotizoj and clarifying that lodging and transport will be up to the person.

The president will shortly need to step out. Murray (treasurer) consents to take over presiding the meeting. The president briefly outlines the remainder of the agenda in order to facilitate this transition.

Proposals for Changes to the Publishing Fund

Fred reports on discussions of proposals from Hoss. In November, we split the publishing fund into Restricted (⅔) and Unrestricted (⅓). Fred reviews the following motions

Motion 1– Structure of Publishing Funds:

a) the Treasurer shall create a new Endowment Fund known as the “Publishing Endowment.” Interest from this fund will be allocated to the Restricted Publishing Fund.

b) The Treasurer shall transfer $30,000 of the Restricted Publishing Fund to the Publishing Endowment.

Motion 2 – Administrator’s Role:

The role of the administrator of the Restricted Publishing Fund shall include authority to contact copyright holders and publishers as a representative of E-USA.

Motion 3 – Administration of the Restricted Publishing Fund:

Both the Restricted Publishing Fund Administrator and the Board shall be authorized to spend the Restricted Publishing Fund. In the case of the Board, expenditures may be approved by a simple majority vote. In the case of the Administrator, planned expenditures shall be announced to the Board via email to all Board members with a Treasurer’s Grant Request Form, at which point the usual procedure will be followed.

Fred moves we adopt these three motions. Charlotte seconds. Unanimously approved. Action Item: Fred will inform Hoss. ACTION ITEM: Treasurer will enact Motion 1.

Finance Committee

ACTION ITEM: Murray will come up with finance committee members.

Klara Zamenhof Fund

This fund currently contains $1760.09 and has no administrator. This fund was previously for helping pay the dues for new members, but the board had previously voted to dissolve this fund as the introductory membership at a reduced rate has eliminated the need for this. Charlotte moves to reallocate the funds from the Klara Zamenhof to the Goldman Fund as the closest in line with its concept. Brian seconds. Unanimously approved.

Thompson Fund

This fund was set up to help people attend the LK and NASK via stipends. Charlotte moves to dissolve the Thompson Fund and reallocate its money to the Goldman Fund, to consolidate similar funds and due to medical concerns of the Thompson Fund administrator. Brian seconds. Unanimously approved.

Treasurer Transition

Murray had stepped down effective the end of 2019 but has stayed on to support the transition to our incoming treasurer. Jordon Kalilich has accepted the position at the president’s request, per E-USA bylaws and will fulfill the remainder of Murray’s term. Jordon will officially become treasurer as of the end of the March board meeting.

Online voting procedures may be tested by the board soon.

Next Meeting March 14, 2020.

Adjourn: 3:00 p.m. EST

Respectfully submitted,

Charlotte Burton