Board minutes from October 12th, 2019


  • Murray Merner
  • Charlotte Burton
  • Paige Miles Feldman
  • Fred Meyer
  • Filipo Dorcas
  • Ben Speakmon

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  • Vilĉjo Harris

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The president expresses his wishes that we have an official timeline for making the minutes available to members. For now, the previous month’s minutes will not be accepted until they’ve been looked over.

Standing reports


Some technical issues with the bookstore. The CO will send out renewal requests for membership and magazine subscriptions shortly.


There is still a question of what to do with some large donations given at the LK. The treasurer and CO director are trying to determine where to place those donations, which may impact our annual budget for the year. We currently have a deficit of $3700 YTD, which may get larger. However, more money will also be coming in, which should help us. We are over budget, though, and it is likely there will still be a deficit at the end of the year. Filipo will investigate how to recoup our losses from credit card fees, charged by the banks when people pay by credit card.


The board will now hear standing reports from the membership committee and the publicity committee. The president also suggests additional focused meetings monthly, which would allow us to workshop ideas elsewhere and use our official board meetings more efficiently. He suggests a workshop during the coming month about finances.

Action Item: Before the next board meeting, Phil will schedule a financial workshop. We need a list of funds and committees (what they’re called, what they do, who’s in charge) (Action Item: Charlotte)

Phil has been meeting with Chuck Mays of ESF and Duncan Charters of UEA on how we can focus on and support Montreal. Reports will be published as appendices to minutes.


Membership is down, and we need to figure out how to attract new members, possibly through local groups. We could have materials available for clubs, events, or individuals that want to promote Esperanto. We should check in with our member retention committee and see what we can do to increase membership and let people know more about Esperanto. The CO has a detailed database of ex-members, which it uses to determine if a member request is from a new or returning member. This database could be used to send an email offering them an update on current goings on if they’ll renew.


The publicity committee report will occur going forward, but not currently.


Duncan Charters is going to Montreal soon to finalise a lot of information. Action item: Phil Dorcas will make a Doodle schedule for meeting with the LKK.


Contact has been signed and down payment made for the VEK event location. An advertisement has been made and sent out for the event. We have beds for 30. The goal of the event will be to create the youth program for Montreal.

Local Groups

The regional coordinators are meeting and discussing their work.

Esperanto in the USA

No new information in the past month.

Old Business

Robert’s Rules of Order

The president discusses what Robert’s Rules of Order are and why they are useful. Fred proposes a bylaw change regarding Robert’s Rules of Order and our procedures.

Policy for Proposals or Requests from Funds

We need a uniform way for this to happen, and we should know what the procedure is.

New Business

Ops Meetings

See President’s report

Proposals from Hoss

Hoss moved that the Publishing Fund become restricted or interest only. The treasurer is concerned about the organisation’s current financial state and trusts the board to make the right decision for the benefit of Esperanto and our organisation. We don’t want to spend it on anything but publishing, but we also don’t want the organisation to fold. Ben proposes that we table this. Murray seconds. The board votes unanimously in favour.

Hoss proposed that the newsletter be free for non-members. There is insufficient time to discuss this during the meeting. Fred moves to table this. Ben seconds. Unanimously in favour.

Hoss proposed a new organisation of regions. Chris Nelson, Regional Helper Southwest Region, suggested a different organisation according to economic factors (travel cost). Ben proposes that we give this decision to the regional coordinators. Murray seconds. Unanimously approved.

Action Item: Phil Dorcas add Video Fund consideration to the next meeting.

Meeting closed.