Board minutes from June 8th, 2019


  • Charlotte BURTON
  • Filipo DORCAS
  • Paige MILES
  • Jordon KALILICH
  • Murray MERNER

Ĉeestas sed ne rajtas voĉdoni:

  • Tim RICE
  • Vilĉjo HARRIS
  • Brian HARMON
  • Chuck MAYS

Old Business/Reports

Filipo moved to accept minutes. Ben seconded. Unanimously approved.

Vilĉjo raportas pri la centra oficejo, ke ni havas tro da mono en la bankokonto. Where, in the past, he had to request money from our investments and assets in order to pay all our bills. This year, he is finding the opposite problem. We have so much money coming in that the CO is transferring money to our investments, where it will gain interest. This activity is occurring between the director and the treasurer. Murray and Vilĉjo discuss the flow of incoming members and lapsed members.

Landa Kongreso is all set up and prepared to go smoothly. Charlotte reports that the USEJ voting is going well and the fundraising for Esperanto in the USA is holding steady. Filipo states that this campaign will be advertised at LK, along with the youth movement and Montreal 2020. Discussion occurs of ways to simplify donations at LK and NASK.

Marcus reports briefly on LKK, restating what Janjo sent the board in an email. Jordon reports that 8 people received stipends to attend LK. Each of these people will be doing tasks to support the LK, and data will be kept on how well they helped, to allow us to make better decisions moving forward.

New Business

Murray reports on the budget. Murray and Bill discuss how to handle incoming money from the HE Reed fund and how the budget allows us to utilize that money better. Based on the proposed budget, we would have a positive balance at the end of the 2020 fiscal year. Filipo asks about the “convention gain” line, considering the LK 2020 will be happening during the UK 2020. Consensus is that the convention net for E-USA during 2020 will be cost-neutral due to this. This change will still leave us with a positive budget for 2020.

Filipo greets our candidates: Tim, Brian, and Jordon (Fred not present, but meeting was recorded for his benefit).

Filipo discusses our 3 guidebooks that we need to write: one for new board members, one for local groups, and one for the LK. Tim Boronczyk will work on the local group book. Filipo and Ben have been working on the board member guidebook. After LK, Filipo will push for the DKK to write/update a guidebook for the LK.

The board discusses the LPG concert recording from the 2018 LK and ideas of how to proceed with that.

Filipo suggests a regular (weekly) email be sent out to our members, with updates on local groups, sister organizations, UN interactions, committees, etc. This could be done by a paid position due to the amount of work it would require, and it would support both transparency and communication regarding all of the things that are happening in Esperanto-USA. This conversation will be continued in Boston on June 14.