Board minutes from March 9th, 2019

Mission Statement:

Esperanto USA is a non-profit organization that encourages and strengthens the Esperanto community in the United States and its territories by facilitating support and communication for local groups and providing a centralized set of resources for our members.


Board Present:

  • Phil Dorcas, President
  • Murray Merner, Treasurer
  • Chris Nelson, Secretary
  • Tim Boronczyk, Director
  • Paige Feldman Miles, Director
  • Jordon Kalilich, Director
  • Nick Woods, Director

Quorum satisfied: yes

Proxies: Charlotte Burton has given her proxy to Phil

Staff Present:

  • Bill Harris, Director of the Central Office

Visitor(s) Present:

  • None




Minutes of March 9, 2019 unanimously accepted without change


It was agreed that the corrections copy of the minutes would be sent by the author of the minutes to the Board within one week of the meeting. Action items would be in the relevant location in the minutes and in a list at the bottom of the minutes. The Board members will have one week to send corrections to the author. The author will make the corrections and send the final copy to the President who would send them out with the meeting materials. After approval the minutes at the Board meeting, the author will e-mail them to the editor of the Usona Esperantisto to be put on the website.


A. Director of Central Office - Bill

Document: Membership total: 522 (Lifetime: 143, Annual: 379) Information sent: Online: 6, USPO: 17. Provided information for fundraising. He gets promotions from fundraising companies

ACTION ITEM: Bill will forward fundraising info to Paige.

B. Treasurer - Murray

First quarter of 2019 will be presented at April meeting. Reviewing how the website and Central Office can be more helpful to members (e.g., send out birthday wishes to member, book sale items announcement provide interest in going deeper into the website. Focus on book status (e.g., inventory, income). Suggested that we determine what members want and need.

C. President - Phil

Document: webinar will be conducted regarding “Esperanto in the USA” fundraising with Charles Mays and Charlotte Burton, Izako Moore has consented to become the State Coordinator for California, effort to work with Regional Coordinators, need to help with LLK in Boston

ACTION ITEM: Work on webinar

ACTION ITEM: Schedule start web page for web page for UK2020 in

ACTION ITEM: Schedule meetings for fundraising webinar

D. Region and Local Groups - Tim

Tim helped starting of group in Albany and Buffalo and e-mailed all the regional Coordinators. He is interesting in starting a handbook for local groups. Discussion of use of “Meetup,” ESF will help with cost to the group. Encouraged use of listing Duolingo events and attendance at cultural fairs. Murray noted the PER near Boone this April - Thomas Alexander will be the presenter.

E. Landa Kongreso Liaison – Ben – not present

Revised contract with Emerson almost ready to be signed.

ACTION ITEM: Phil will follow-up to see if the LLK has the revised contract for EUSA to sign

F. Member Recruitment and Retention

Nick reported that he and Jordon hand wrote cards to members who had not renewed. Got varied responses – some will renew. Every two months they will write cards to members who have not renewed in the prior two months. It was noted that new members can have a $5.00 first year membership.

G. USEJ – Hans – Not present, no report

H. Marketing and Publicity

Google Ad Grants – Murray -12-19-2018 to 06-03-2019: 4.1K Impressinos and 286 Clicks; 02-06-2018 to 03-06-2018: 1.38K Impressions, 116 Clicks. Need more keywords. Paige noted that Google Analytics tool can help evaluate effectiveness.


A. ESF Grant – Phil

Fundraising – donation match

Document: By Charlotte Burton summarizing what has been done this month and future plans. Paige - Board members are encouraged to make video and donation,

B. UK2020 (Montreal) Support – Ĵenja – not present – not discussed

ACTION ITEM: Phil to set up Doodle scheduling for meeting

C. Jarlibro

Phil noted that it will contain info about EUSA, Regional Coordinators and local groups (need for up-to-date info.) ACTION ITEM: Phil to work on information for the Jarlibro.






Adjourned 11:00 AM PST

Next meeting is: April 13, 2018 at 10:00 PDT

Respectfully submitted,
Chris Nelson, Secretary


  • ACTION ITEM: Bill will forward fundraising info to Paige.
  • ACTION ITEM: Phil work on webinar material
  • ACTION ITEM: Phil schedule start web page for web page for UK2020 on Doodle
  • ACTION ITEM: Phil schedule meetings on Doodle for fundraising webinar
  • ACTION ITEM: Phil will follow-up to see if the LLK has the revised contract for E-USA to sign
  • ACTION ITEM: Phil to work on information for the Jarlibro.