Board meeting minutes from November 10th, 2018

Protokolo de la Estrara Kunsido de


  • Chris NELSON - Sekretario
  • Paige PAIGE
  • Murray MERNER
  • Phil DORCAS - Prezidanto
  • Charlotte BURTON
  • Jordon KALILICH
  • Nick WOODS
  • Timothy BORONCZYK
  • Bill HARRIS

We have a quorum.

Jordon moved Charlotte seconded - that we accept the October meeting’s minutes.
Unanimously accepted.

ESF Grant Proposal - $52500 - Discussion?
Needs to stand on it’s own
Phil propose that we accept this proposal Phil - Nick seconded
Unanimously accepted

Bill HARRIS - re: status of Central Office move

  • on schedule
  • sent all books to Maine
  • closing office for a period in November until the 22nd to clean out office and move
  • by November 20th should be up and running on a “virtual” basis
  • by November 22nd should be fully functional
  • “Got Junk” will come and pick up the throw-away stuff - found that cost will be a bit higher than expected
  • Phil comment - “This is huge.”

Updates from Landa Kongreso for 2019

  • in process of selecting venue
  • planning group actively meeting on a weekly basis to plan
  • planning group considering among a “rich choice” of locations in universities
  • (Ben) representation from the EUSA Board at the LKK planning meetings other than Phil?
    • discussion - was helpful to have a couple of board members at LKK meetings for 2018 (Charlotte)
    • at least report on progress

UK 2020 - Landa Kongreso 2020 at same UK in Montreal

  • Phil proposes that we approach the organizers of the UK in Montreal 2020 about EUSA holding a Landa Kongreso at that UK
    • Nick seconded
    • discussion - John KLALICH - offered to help with approach effort
    • unanimously approved
  • Bill HARRIS discussing having bylaws allowing online voting - at the LKK
    • Bill found 2 online voting softwares - talking about providing EUSA Board a test trial

Treasurer’s report - Murray :

  • no report - Bill busy with moving - not so availabe to provide Murray with info
  • Gary GRADY - Murray will follow up with Gary re: treasury issues
  • Bill - EUSA member Maria MURPHY offering FL home as inheritance donation to EUSA upon her death
    • discussion - EUSA cannot help Maria with legal advice
  • Google will provide non-profits certain amount of money “in kind” in exchange for advertising - up to $10,000
    • trigger words - to pull up ad - from EUSA
    • free - with ability to prove eligibility to Google - Tech Soup - EUSA should not have problem with eligibility
    • problem with how to set up ads
    • discussion about how Google Ads work
  • Murray proposes that EUSA participate in Google Ad Grants program. Phil seconds.
    • unanimously approved

Raúl posted in Esperanto-USA - Duolingo events - listing cities. Phil - Duolingo will notify users within 100 miles or so of user-learner. Discussion about having coordinators for various cities for Duolingo Esperanto gatherings - club meetings, etc. Discussion about how much the registration of coordinators in Duolingo attracts people to attend meetings/events.

Charlotte - 2 webinars - 1) December 4 - see if EUSA wants to advertise - topic - Social Justice and Language Education

  • Murray - December 10 is Human Rights Day for United Nations

What are most urgent items not yet talked about?

Charlotte - Phil going to talk with Jenya Murray - nominating committee - Proposal for change in bylaws - - vice president rather than the president should appoint the nominating committee - for more checks and balances and also to lessen the amount of responsibilities that the president has