Board meeting minutes from October 13th, 2018


  • Filipo DORCAS
  • Murray MERNER
  • Charlotte BURTON
  • Paige MILES
  • Nikvo WOODS
  • Jordon KALILICH

Ne ĉeestas:

  • Chris NELSON
  • Timoteo BORONCZYK
  • Hanso BECKLIN

Filipo diras, ke ni havas kvorumon.

Filipo proposes that we accept the meetings of last month’s meeting. Ben seconds. Unanimously approved.

Filipo issues an update from Vilĉjo on the move, that all is going according to plan and advancing quickly.

Update from the treasurer:

Murray gives the treasurer’s report. Exact details available upon member request. The board briefly discusses the future of E-USA’s investments and who are the relevant experts that we should consult. Murray suggests an investment committee. Phil suggests that this could be related to the person or persons in charge of Wills and Testamentary Affairs.

ESF Proposal:

The ESF Proposal has a new cover letter written by Paige. Hanso has moved the proposed VEK youth event to January/February 2020 with the goal that it create the best possible youth program for UK 2020. IJK 2020 cannot reasonably happen in the US (due to visa problems) or in Canada (due to too much work for the LKK). It will likely happen somewhere in Europe as a result of this and other factors, so our youth focus will be creating a strong youth program for Montreal 2020. Charlotte proposes that each person take one section to add detail. Charlotte will create a spreadsheet with details of this year’s LK and NASK stipends and will share with Nikvo (who will add detail to the LK section of the proposal) and Ben (who will add detail to the NASK section of the proposal). Phil will work on section 6; Paige will work on Category 5, and Jordon on Category 4. The board agreed to two weeks for updating each section (due date 10/27), one for formatting and editing (due date 11/3), and one week for final polishing (due date next meeting, 11/10), to give us a final board vote at our next meeting.

Pri UK:

We have received 6 “yes” votes for Charlotte’s 3 proposals based on Ĵenja’s emails. We will be requesting money from the Wolff Publicity Fund to allow E-USA to provide the small Esperanto informiletoj, kiujn la Kanadanoj kreis. We will also create a “UK 2020” fund to which people can donate in support of UK and in support of stipends for our youth to attend UK 2020.


Paige will write in her report for the bulteno to advertise this new fund, and Jordon and Nikvo will write about youth and about the member retention committee.

Member Retention:

Jordon will send a message to Nikvo and Filipo this week in order to organise this committee and its actions.

Nominating Committee:

Filipo discusses the Nominating Committee. Fred Meyer (chair of the committee) has suggested that the Vice President, not the President, should be in charge of naming the nominating committee. Filipo and Fred will work on a proposal to this effect, but in the meantime, Filipo is still in search of a nominating committee for the coming year. Potential nominees for the nominating committee to put on the list include Charlotte Burton (secretary), Marcus Griep (board member), and Jordon Kalilich (board member). The board will try to come up with names for the nominating committee in the coming days, and Filipo will call people on Monday to invite them to the nominating committee.

Goals and Mission Statement:

Filipo discusses some minor changes to the wording and spelling of our goals and mission statement.