Board meeting minutes from July 11th, 2018

2018 Julio 11
Estrara Kunsido


  • Chris NELSON
  • Murray MERNER
  • Phil DORCAS
  • Charlotte BURTON
  • Nick WOODS
  • Jordon KALILICH

Do, kvarumon havas ni.

Moving central office - false rumors - need to publish official article

  • some think we’re shutting things down - but actually we’re cranking things up
  • put official article both in bulletin and on-site
  • need to communicate the true story

Board can’t do everything

  • need to get help
  • Paige has given her proxy to Phil - makes quorum

Proposal to ESF

  • Phil submitted proposal to Chuck Mays - got recommendations on how to make the proposal “more palatable” to them

Ben SPEAKMON - what we need to talk about before proposal

  • reimbursements - LK
  • also camping budget (Nick)
  • reports - LKK - officially accepted « Make sure

Charlotte BURTON

  • money - reimbursements for LK - gifts - and camping trip - in English because it’s financial

Reimbursements -

  • Vilcxjo - reimbursing
  • Chuck - $1035 to be reimbursed; receipts for flights - Chuck sent them
  • to Jordon - who forwarded them to Ben
  • Camping Trip - to Nick and Annie and Ben

Charlotte Burton - Proposes that we use 1579.38 out of section 3 of last year’s ESF account to reimburse the costs of the Camping trip as the first Youth led event in years
Ben seconded
Unanimous - in favor

provide a grant to USEJ to cover the costs Ben - cover an USEJ event

Bill HARRIS - with invoice and specific instructions - he will do what we need him to do.

LKK Report:

Based on the success of the Landa Kongreso - surveys - impressive guests - may be hard for Boston to follow up
Report was concise (Ben)
Opportunity for improvement: Over-communicate re: events - locations - online - verbally

Phil - Propose that we approve the LKK Report

Charlotte seconded - unanimously approved

Grant proposals;

Charlotte - to fulfill Hanso’s proposal - we need to figure out ASAP how to get this done -

  • Ben - The earliest that a grant proposal can come would be the 22nd (of August)
  • Last year ESF was under pressure to get rid of some money - ESF was more flexible last year with grant proposals
  • Phil - when would the money be available given that we submit the proposal by Augus 22nd - within a few days (Ben)
  • Hanso’s schedule? - arriving in Madrid today - flying back to the US tomorrow or the day after that - w/in 3 days
  • Raúl - whereabouts (Charlotte) - we don’t know
  • Since Hans is active in Slack and email - okay to postpone further conversation until later about grant

Jarraporto - put out over the internet - (using Slack)

  • make link to report on web site

Charlotte - Trello - online tool - to organize, schedule and assign to-do’s to for board members

  • communication structure in place - donation campaign, build membership, become not so reliant on ESF grants etc.
  • (Charlotte) E-USA needs to define long-term plan - “What do we want Esperanto-USA to look like in 10 years, 20 years, etc.?”
  • look at what are the ideas discussed at meetings, and what bigger ideas they’re working towards, etc. communication point - goals should be organization’s goals - not just goals that Board comes up with - gather ideas and input from members
  • how can we create the ideas - collect ideas from members - involve local clubs
  • important to keep core values and goals, values, ideals, and priorities in front of the members

Next meeting:

  • September 8, 2108 - Board Meeting - 2nd Saturday - 10 AM Pacific
  • August 28, 2018 - with Jenja (re: Montreal 2020) - 6pm Central - 4pm Pacific
  • Montreal 2020 is a Canadian project - E-USA expected to collaborate