Board meeting minutes from May 19th, 2018

de la Estrara Kunsido de Esperanto-USA 19an de majo, 2018 Tagmezo, CDT


  • Timothy BORONCZYK, gasto, kandidato por estrarano 2018
  • Bill HARRIS, direktoro de la Centra Oficejo
  • Charlotte BURTON, estrarano
  • Chris NELSON, sekretario
  • Phil DORCAS, prezidanto
  • Murray MERNER, gasto, kandidato por kasisto, 2018
  • Ben SPEAKMON, vicprezidanto

Quorum declared, with Filipo having the proxy of Paige Feldman

Approval of minutes:

  • propose - akcepti la protokolon de la lasta kunsido
  • ĉiuj cxeestantoj voĉdonis jes-e unuanime

Translokigo de la Centra Oficejo - laux e-letero

  • plano - movi ĝin al Maine - al kie Bill HARRIS transloĝejiĝos
  • proposal - simple to understand - but not as simple to implement

Moving / donating / selling / disposing of office stuff:

  • discuss - where to move archives/things in existing office
  • Chuck MAYS to provide storage for
  • archiving Esperanto materials to universities -
    • history of local groups
    • history of Esperanto in USA
    • duplicate materials - offer them? - throw away? - ?

What’s in the office to move? What to do with it all?

  • Bill - in office there are
    • mass of books to fulfill orders - 1000s of them - 3000 - 4000 proksimume
      • books - to Amazon ? throw away ? taken to new Portland, ME location (Bill’s home office)
      • wants to shut down book store activities in October 2018 to allow for Bill’s move to Maine
    • boxes of archive materials
    • rest of office - tables, chairs, desk
    • brochures, booklets, re: Children Around the World, etc. that are old
    • t-shirts - old
    • sell stuff thru Craig’s List, remove stuff via Got Junk

Setting up office and EUSA business at new location:

  • Bill plans to get a P.O. Box in Portland, ME
  • Bill will set up checking account for E-USA in Portland, ME
  • Bill to get seller’s permit, etc.
  • Plans to get new office set up by January 2019
  • Send notifications about new office locations - need to make list of those

Write-offs, Business continuity:

  • (Bill’s proposal above: shut down book store for a while in the fall of 2018 to allow for office move)
  • Discussion about sales and disposition of books and publications
  • Discussion about write-offs
  • Discussion about putting up books on Amazon - which ones? ones that will sell
  • fulfillment avenues - Amazon and E-USA
  • UEA? costly to send to them - will verify with Ionel Onet to see what books he may want

Timing of move - Help needs:

  • Bill will need to move away from CA by end of November
  • discussion - cost of transportation/move from CA to ME
  • Identify “pockets” of work to delegate to local help?
  • June 1 - Bill will ask for help with office - i.e. breaking down old shelf
  • most of work will be happening near the end
    • i.e. in November - December 2018 to clear out office in Emeryville, CA

Accounting for move - and communicating it:

  • accounting - count removal of inventory as a loss - inventory write-off
  • Phil: In 2019 - We will stand a chance of “breaking even” financially
  • Murray - re: $28,000 value for books = not the actual value ? Bill - amt = how much we paid
  • announcing this move - with proposal approved by board - announce move at E-USA congress


  • Charlotte - 2 proposals - 1 for move - 2 change director’s salary and by how much?
    • proposal 1 re: office move can easily be voted on
    • proposal 2 re: salary/budget is more involved
  • Proposal 1: “I propose that Esperanto-USA close the office in Emeryville and move it to Portland, Maine in November of 2018.” - Charlotte seconded, unanimously voted “yes”

  • Proposal 2: salary change - discussed - but vote tabled

ESF Grant Budget - Reporting Expenditures - Needs:

Phil - ESF needs report

  • Charlotte - out of initiall 20000 - 2000 to 7000 going to promote youth activities - we spent 180
  • need to listen to young people more intently - to gather what they wish
  • for local groups - Printempa Esperanto-Renkontigxo - ARE -
  • talked about amounts spent on stipends vs minimal required expenditures per budget
  • need to put more money towards the youth movement
  • request from Senegal for stipend - to help with international
  • another request for stipend for NASK


I propose to approve stipends for the 2 purposes (Senegalese / African attendee at EUSA + Stipend for atendee at NASK). - all attendees voted unanimously in favor

Misc. discussion topic:

A.M.A. = Ask Me Anything - text meeting on Reddit - someone can start a chat session - leader proposes “ask me anything” on a given subject matter area - questions are voted on.

Next Board Meeting 2018 June 9 - per normal pattern