Board meeting minutes from April 7th, 2018


  • Charlotte BURTON (provisional secretary)
  • Filipo DORCAS
  • Georgo BAKER
  • Paige MILES
  • Vilĉjo HARRIS

Filipo ricevis la prokurilon (voĉrajton) de Lusi HARMON.
Filipo diras, ke ni havas kvorumon.

Ĉeestas (sen voĉrajton)

  • Timoteo BORONCZYK
  • Murray MERNER

Minutes from previous meeting unanimously approved.

LK Report

49 current registrants. Break-even is 54. Extension of early admission price is tomorrow, April 8. Several more stipends were requested after the board had voted (between meetings) to approve 4 stipends. Those will be requested today. LPG has bought their tickets and will be coming over on tourist visas for the LK. Do not advertise them as a band, as they are coming over as tourists.

Usona Esperantisto

Deadline for new submissions for the upcoming issue is April 15. This will be the last bulteno issue which is guaranteed to be published before this year’s LK, so any input promoting the LK should be posted today. Phil will be redoing some of his columns in English, to make them more accessible to newcomers. Brief discussion on the merits of doing business in English to make things more accessible to newcomers.

Discussion of LK and NASK Stipends

The board voted within the past week to grant stipends to 6 NASK applicants and 4 LK applicants, to pay the costs in full out of the ESF grant. This effort was in an attempt to support events around the USA. Some people spoke up about a lack of communication with Ellen Eddy and other NASK coordinators. Moving forward, we will increase our communication and coordination with Ellen Eddy and other NASK coordinators, in order to build stronger relationships with any other Esperanto organization we interact with. Discussion of how to draw the line between coordinating with them to avoid double payment, while still remaining an independent and active participant in the decisions made with our money. The question was raised of the state of the Goldman Fund. Vilĉjo has not yet processed the stipends and took a moment to look into this. George Baker comments in favour of the wisdom of providing stipends to cover half the costs instead of the full costs for NASK. Phil responds by discussing how ESF and NASK currently run their stipends and offering ways to coordinate with Ellen in order to better fund more people attending NASK. Ben confirms that ESF is currently considering various ways of moving forward on this - full vs partial stipend, and the reasons for each (allow more people to come, and be wise but generous with funding). Vilĉjo confirms that before the stipend money is removed, the Goldman fund has about $32,000, which includes the money from the ESF grant.

Proposal: Number of Board Members

The board proposes for the following changes to the bylaws to appear in the ballot:

Change the wording of paragraphs 301 and 308 in the bylaws to read:

301. The officers of the League shall consist of: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and six Directors. These ten officers shall consist the Board and shall govern the affairs of the League between Congresses. Each officer shall have one vote.

308. The Directors of the League shall each serve for three years, with two directors being elected each year.

The board votes unanimously in favour.

Further, the board proposes that “to arrive at a board of six directors plus the titled officers, that in 2018 we elect three directors, with the two candidates with the most votes serving three years, and the candidate in third place serving one year. Then in 2019 that one board member elected in 2017 voluntarily stepping down after serving only two years. In 2019 we will elect two directors and continue to elect two each year thereafter.” The motion is unanimously approved.

Proposal: Personal Information Policy

The board has previously discussed the personal information policy draft. This personal information policy would be a board decision, and not a change in the bylaws. It would not require a member vote. Charlotte proposes that we accept the personal information policy as laid out in that document. Phil seconds. The board unanimously approves.

The board proposes for the following changes to the bylaws to appear in the ballot:

Change the wording of paragraph 206 in the bylaws to read:

206. Each members shall receive such other materials as the League’s Central Office may from time to time provide the membership, including information on the state and progress of the organization and its membership.

Phil proposes to include this bylaw change on the ballot. Ben seconds. The board unanimously approves.

Proposal to approve online voting by the board

The board discusses whether such a proposal would be necessary. The bylaws currently allow it. Should the board vote to make an official board resolution on whether to accept online meetings and voting, and under what conditions. Vilĉjo suggests that putting the important board decisions into the next bulteno issue would suffice to keep members informed. Murray raises the question of whether there are state laws which may prohibit online voting by the board. Phil says that we should more clearly establish, in the case of online meetings, email votes, etc., clear guidelines as to how to conduct business online. We need regulations on this to ensure that we can function honestly. Under Delaware state law, where we are officially located, to ensure that online meetings are permitted, we must amend the bylaws to be sure.

To this end, the board proposes the following changes to appear in the ballot:

Add a paragraph 702 to the bylaws, to read:

702. Board meetings may be conducted in a manner including, but not limited to, electronically and in person at such times as the board deems appropriate.

The board unanimously approves.