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Newsletter (Usona Esperantisto)

  • bulteno at esperanto-usa dot org
  • Usona Esperantisto c/o Hoss Firooznia
    CPU 271205, U. of Rochester
    Rochester NY 14627-1205
    United States of America

Website inquiries

  • webmaster at esperanto-usa dot org

Film Festival inquiries

  • esperantokonkurso at gmail dot com


  • Communications Committee: < eusa-communications-committee at groups dot io>
  • Nominating Committee: < eusa-nominating-committee at groups dot io>
  • Finance Committee: < eusa-finance-committee at groups dot io>
  • Publicity Committee: < eusa-publicity-committee at groups dot io>
  • Publishing Committee: < eusa-publishing-committee at groups dot io>
  • Education Committee: < eusa-education-committee at groups dot io>
  • Membership Committee: < eusa-membership-committee at groups dot io>
  • Fundraising Committee: < eusa-fundraising-committee at groups dot io>
  • Technology Committee: < eusa-technology-committee at groups dot io>
  • Permanent Congress Committee: < eusa-permanent-congress-committee at groups dot io>
  • Local Congress Committee: < eusa-local-congress-committee at groups dot io>


The ombudsperson handles complaints and concerns.

  • ombudsman at esperanto-usa dot org

Board of Directors

  • eusa-board-of-directors at groups dot io

Regional helpers

Regional helpers keep our database of Esperanto groups up to date. Please contact them with any updates or changes you have for the database. They also help plan regional events, provide help and advice to those starting local groups, and help existing groups promote Esperanto.

Region Name Address
Central Peggy Dolter pegazo at sbcglobal dot n e t
Great Lakes Jeremy Genovese jecgenovese at gmail dot com
Middle Atlantic Chris Johnson cdj2981 cxe gmail dot com
North Central Joan Philips verdulo1 at gmail dot c o m
Northeast Jaclyn (Janjo) Pacejo jaclyn at pacejo dot net
Northwest Arlyn Kerr esperanto at morsekob dot o r g
South Fred Meyer III f3meyer at gmail dot com
Southeast and Caribbean Zachary Vandeventer redemptiablueeo at g mail dot c o m
Southwest Rachel Helps Rmeibos at g mail dot c o m
West and Pacific John Dumas jrdu at me dot c o m
Special Interest Groups Fred Meyer III f3meyer at gmail dot com

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